Designer Of The Boat Of The Year 2012 Crystal Spire Boat

The first-rate characteristics of the Crystal yacht tender combining stability, comfort, security, power and speed have been preserved. Marianna HOLOWAY has been inspired by the geometry of crystals ( reference to the name of the vessel).

A new skin has been created. It is composed of a structure below semi-perforated obtained by the theory of the geometry of the crystal. These new sections of the Spire Boat’s Crystal yacht tender are illuminated with fiber optic lighting which will allow the boat looks like a bird during the night as the upper part looks like the wings.

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The crystal data depends on the intensity of sunlight darken (special glass surfaces) to protect from the sun the luxurious interior of the Spire Boat’s Crystal yacht tender. The builder might even say that these are sun photovoltaic glasses giving more energy to the boat.

Internally, in adding the Marianna HOLOWAY’s touch with diamonds (200 karats), gold and leather, CRYSTAL yacht tender seems, like a jewel on the sea. The geometry of the diamond (crystal) is evident throughout the new morphology.

In terms of functions, plenty of luxurious equipments like canopy cab, front deck-pads, display LCD, radar, sounder, GPS and many others are integrated.


Marianna HOLOWAY is a talented American creator graduated with a master of architecture. Marianna has specialized in architectural and industrial design, as part of her practice session. She has designed Hotels, Restaurants Cafes, Clubs, Stores, Casinos, etc. around the world (Athèns, Milano, Rome, Boston, NYC, Miami,Las Vegas….).

The work of Marianna HOLOWAY is known for its constant search for new forms and materials from which emanate modern and familiar constructions.

Marianna Holoway – Designer


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