Design Award Rome 2009 – Medical Office

Medical buildings often look so similar. This was a challenge because the existing structure was very small. We created an illusion of a larger space using proper lighting scenarios, colors, and furnishing.

Commercial-Medicine Offine-Design Awardmedecine-office-design-award-in-rome.5

This led to the need of use of special design forms and structures with particular dimensions and custom material creations. If someone wanted to make an accurate description that will be that the place was created in a very unusual way.

The sofas in the waiting room looked like a valuable work of art with treasured leathers filled with Swarovski buttons, while the furniture in the reception area had three dimensions looking more like an old piano ready to travel the patients away from their worries.

Large glass surfaces were baked in a special oven in order to place them as dividing walls while other glass strips were cut and placed one above the other to form a sculptured wall.

medecine office - design award in rome.4medecine office - design award in rome.2medecine office - design award in rome.6

Medicine Office - Design Award in Rome
Medicine Office – Design Award in Rome By Marianna Holoway

medecine office - design award in rome.10Perhaps what really made the place impressive is the correct use of architectural lighting. It’s more than known that proper lighting not only can improve a place but also mainly can cause euphoria, which is extremely difficult if you consider that a few things in our environment cause satisfaction and happiness.

The lighting designed soft 3.500K with CRI R92 (something no lighting designer add’s in their calculations ) not only to improve the whole construction but also to cause exhilaration to the patience. Fornasetti materials were used for the window treatments, lacobel dark glasses transformed the WC into a very elegant room.In the same unusual way we designed the surgeon’s office, where Corian is the main material instead of tiles, glass stripes were used on the walls while printed canvas was used as cabinetry doors.

Our passion, to custom design, using a variety of luxurious materials transformed the medical office to an extraordinary place and the design award was more than welcome.

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