Introducing the Marianna Holoway Blog

Welcome to my new Marianna Holoway blog, a work in progress but equipped to share with those who have similar creative interests or perhaps you are in need of my design and architectural services. Regardless, I would appreciate your support and helping me to improve my blog as well as share it with others. And of course there are many places for you to comment…….I adore when you interact with me and give me your opinion of my work.

Currently I have a select few of my projects already prepared on my Marianna Holoway blog. They are there to

The Meat and Wine Company
The Meat and Wine Company

share with you and I certainly hope you run your mouse over my photo album and photos pages to see some of the projects I have done in the past.

Many of you already know my obsession with architecture and design, so the reason I created this was one, my passion, I wanted to share it with others and two, a new venture for myself and my family, more about that later!! My blog will also embrace upcoming projects, as long as there is no exclusivity clauses in the project or in any way would jeopardize my client(s). There are professional ethics codes in my personal world as well as business in which I follow.

Monaco Casino
Monaco Casino

As a lady of design and architecture I look past the fact it’s a male world and allow my work to speak for its self. Those who have followed me through other forms of social media know that my work is very important to me, not just financially but from a point of self-gratification. When I’m able to look at a project and know that what was created came through hard work and my desire to deliver the best quality for my client is why I love what I do. It’s also sort of a legacy I can leave for my children.

I have a few more ideas in which I will soon add to the Marianna Holoway blog, so stay tuned for an upcoming menu item I think you will enjoy too. Being I am completely new to the blog world any feedback you can offer me to improve it, my admin team and I would greatly appreciate it. And if you would, share it with others as I have shared it with you.

Warm regards,

~Marianna Holoway~



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