En Delfois Bar and Restaurant, A Marianna Holoway Design

Once I asked a question in my Blog, “What is the need of a good Architecture?”

I received many and very interesting replies but one was exactly the way I feel. John Daniel said……Architects  must have the ability to know the constructability, resources, environmental impact, social impact, material durability, understanding of how the environment effects the mixture of materials introduced and many other aspects of the building, while maintaining the expression of art or ideology that the building represents and have the leadership to coordinate this endeavor with the countless people necessary to make the project a reality.

These are the rules that drive me every time I devote myself into a new Project.

And one more ….Passion . If Frank Lloyd Wright was still alive, I believe he would

En Delfois Bar and Restaurant by Marianna Holoway
En Delfois Bar and Restaurant by Marianna Holoway

say passion too. Why mention him? Consider this, a college dropout and unlicensed (if I’m not mistaken) he went on to become one of the most prominent architects in the 20th Century. He was recognized by the AIA for his work about 2 years before his death. Having a good imagination doesn’t hurt. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” The built environment would be nothing more than mere talk without imagination (ie. “deconstructivism”- Frank Gehry’s arena). Regarding faith, one may ask what does faith has to do with architecture? The best demonstration of one’s faith (or belief) is to create something out of nothing, hence the essence of architecture .

En Delfois Bar Restaurant appeared in my desk while I was in the United States.

Such a challenge to design a place that it was already successful and famous. Such a great experience! A custom made procedure. Everything inside had to be a new concept. New materials or materials with an unusual use were in my pallet in order to give a different result.

En Delfois Bar and Restaurant by Marianna Holoway
En Delfois Bar and Restaurant by Marianna Holoway

Passionate procedure for sure. Barbara Oyster wrote on my Blog July 4, 2013. One last important thing in architecture…Go beyond the limits…Imaginative limits, recreational and perceptive limits….Don’t be a normal jerk…Be the master. Not always easy but if you work hard and made the right material research it’s simply inevitable.


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