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Marianna Holoway Architectural Lighting & Interior Design Specialist

Marianna Holoway is an American Lighting and Interior Designer, born in Greece, but above all, she is a citizen of the world. She studied interior design in Thessaloniki then continued her studies at the University of New York where she graduated with a master in Architecture. Marianna Holoway is leading a totally integrated creative lighting and interior design agency, ARCON DESIGN COMPANY LLC based in NYC.

She is calculating the lighting parameters for any type of a project,
and she creates EUPHORIA, which is a remarkable feeling only the right
interior illumination can bring. The difference between an ordinary space and an extraordinary environment is just that little extra the custom lighting design adds in any project. It’s like the OLED TV screen performance with the infrared spectrum but only this time it’s in an interior area. The visual clearness the”right” light can bring alongside with the quality of life and the healthy living either it is a residential, a commercial, or a hospitality project, are only some of the ways we are using to transform your project to an EXTRAordinary one maximizing also the value on it.

Studies show the quality of light affects people in many different ways. For example, office worker satisfaction and productivity can be positively affected by well-designed illumination.

Building owners and managers have the potential to add value, reduce costs and enhance performance through the application of good lighting. It’s no secret that people are attracted to well-lighted public facilities, commercial shopping districts, and parks.

Good lighting enhances the mood and desirability of these spaces. It contributes greatly to people’s sense of well-being. Many of the current efforts to attract people to downtown areas after dark are being spearheaded by ARCON DESIGN lighting designers.

Through cost-control techniques, ARCON DESIGN lighting designers help clients realize improved energy efficiency and reduce lighting costs. The initial investment in a professional lighting designer is offset by a reduction of construction and operating costs.

Marianna Holoway will add value to any project, whether large or small, interior or exterior, public or private.

She supports her projects from the study to the execution until the delivery- grand opening and she can provide creative solutions alongside with luxury materials from all over the world in order to bring more value to the businesses she is designing for.

She had the privilege and the honor to work with Top Leading Architects & Designers of the world like Zaha Hadid, Karim Rashid.

Her team designed solutions for some of the largest architectural and construction
companies in the US, as well as niche players in almost every market in seven different countries around the world Residential Commercial Hospitality.

She and her team designed the lighting system and the lighting objects in Mix Restaurant Mandalay Bay Hotel LV, The Casino In Monaco Monte Carlo.

Marianna Holoway brings a solid understanding of best lighting practices, for any building and she has design solutions tailored to the needs of your project…..
because she understands the worth of the right interior and lighting environment and the need to add more value and bring revenue to your project.

A small summary of her Design History.

Marianna has specialized in Lighting and Interior design. Part of the practice session she did was in Las Vegas where she was asked to design restaurants, cafe stores and clubs in large hotels. Her innovative lighting design concept was accepted and used in the Mix Restaurant in the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Following Thierry Mugler in 2011 it was her turn to carve a new custom version of the Spire Boat. The faster catamaran in this category (Vice-World Champion in offshore racing in 2007). A nautical jewel whole in elegance and sophistication. She was the exclusive designer of Crystal Spire Boat 2012 and the only female boat designer to date.

Happy and relaxed she changes roles from architect, designer, art director to interior decorator and exhibition and event organizer for a highly selective customer portfolio.

Rome 2009, she received the International Design Award and in 2012 her Boat, Crystal Spire Boat was named as a tender boat of the year by, Yacht Luxury  Charterworld  and  HaiQu2013 page 18-19



Contact Marianna Holoway   

E-mail Address: design@mariannaholoway.com

Address: 6 East 45th Street 11th floor New York NY 10017




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    1. Marianna says:

      Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

  2. Guo says:

    Do your business develop in China?

    1. Marianna says:

      I am working with several teams, all over the world but none is located in China.

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